Matthew's Letter

Dear Matthew,

      Well I thought you would like a little bit of news from home. I hope you enjoy the pictures too. Your father is out mowing the lawn and complaining as usual about the weeds, the summer heat and his back. He survived his heart attack last January, and while in intensive care, he kept asking for you. I brought in his favorite picture of you and placed it by his bedside. You know, the one of you and Dad at your Marine boot camp graduation. I think the picture just being there helped him through the worst of it. He really misses you.

      Nancy is doing fine. She is back to college and finally getting her degree. Whenever she comes home for the Holidays or on special occasions, she always checks on your room to make sure the bed is made and all is tidy. She still regards you as her favorite "little" brother, even though you two were always at odds. She sure loves you.

      Steve is still flying for the airlines and can't wait to build that little cabin in the woods by the lake you and he always talked about. Can you believe it, his daughter is a Doctor now. She has her own practice and two nurses working for her.

      Tomorrow is Veterans Day and the family will be here for Dad's legendary cook-out. And as we have done for the last 32 years, we will go through all those wonderful pictures of you son. Dad will tell of your high school football exploits and how proud he was of you. Steve still relives the night you and he got into Uncle Don's homemade peach brandy. Nancy will hold me as I try and fight back the tears. It has been 32 years, son. Thirty two years ago tomorrow when the Navy Chaplain came to the door.

      We know where you are. We know you are in a peaceful place. Take care my son. Take care.

Love always,

© 2000 Frank D Kelley

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