I came upon her crying at The Wall
She stumbled like she might be 'bout to fall
I held my arms out, took her by the hand
I said "Hello, there, can I help you, M'am?"

She softly smiled and said "Thank you very much."
And I felt the desperation in her touch
"My son is up there somewhere, proud and tall
But I cannot read the names upon The Wall."

Well, she whispered out his name
And told me when it was he died
Then I searched along the wall
Till I finally found the one she described

Then I placed her trembling hands
In the letters that were etched in stone
she said "Momma's here, Son
Let me take you home."

There are walls to keep us out and keep us in
Like the wall they built between us in Berlin
There are walls of hate that never seem to end
But this Wall of Love has made us one again
I came upon her crying--at The Wall

Tom Cordell


This Poem Is In Honor Of My Buddy
Who Didn't Make It Back

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