Billy Lewis - XUSMC1968

For not looking back when your Country called
For going ahead when others were appalled

For being there when muster sounded
For not quitting when your heart pounded

For sweat and sorrow and muscle cramp
For all the fear and pain of boot camp

For every question that wasn't answered
For prayers you thought weren't heard

For leaving your loved ones all alone
For those faraway places some unknown

For being the one who was so apt
For standing so tall in the gap

For holding true to the dream
For giving your all for the team

For not surrendering to the enemy
For not forsaking the many

For your sacrifice you see
For we are now able to be free

For there wouldn't even be an Uncle Sam
For if not for you sir and for you m'am

For your answering God's call
For your unselfish love of us all

Thank you...

©Billy Lewis - XUSMC1968