Here I sit twenty years later still asking myself
Just knowing one thing for sure,

It pains my heart and tortures my mind
When I think of my role,
Or the pain
Suffered by so many...

For in war there is really no good or bad,
No heroes,
Just survivors,
And still the haunting questions of

The nightmares,
Waking up between sweat soaked sheets,
Yelling orders,
With only the shocked face of my wife to hear,
And then the fear of sleep itself...

For I've seen enough played over and over,
Night after night,
All because I was born to care for people,
Not kill them...

There's no where to run,
Because now the battle is within my mind...

"A Battle For My Life"


Arthur R. Brammer
Platoon Sergeant
Vietnam 1970

"For all those who served"

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