K.L. Bye

The sun beat warm upon my face
in the early morning
by afternoon it was hotter than hell

I don't believe this
the last rrrppp of the zipper
the final final darkness covers me now

God there must be some mistake

One minute I'm in the field
jokin' with my buddies
the next I'm stuffed into a body bag

It's suffocating in here
God you got the wrong guy
I'm s'posed to have three score and ten
whatever that adds up to

God let me outa here

Now my name's on
that black granite wall
somewhere in the middle
typical, I was in the middle
when I got greased

So many come to this
spirit inhabited place
tender fingers reach out
in holy reverence to touch
this past so alive

I press my fingertips to yours
you do not feel my touch
from the other side of The Wall

Don't you realize
only a granite wall separates us
We have only to tear the damn
thing down then we'll be together
But I'd still be eighteen
and you'd be forty-two

My tears collect in a puddle
at the bottom of the panel
can't you see the water
seeping from underneath

Yes, the sun beats warm
upon my name now
but it isn't hot any more

K.L. Bye

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