Excerpts from
by Del Jones

It's a very unique club -
I see it everywhere -
I see man embracing man -
A tear that says, "I care!".

There's a special look in eyes
That words cannot explain -
I see joy for this life -
Sometimes the living pain.

There's a camaraderie
That's very rare these days -
They let it show without shame
In so many different ways.

I wasn't there, (thank the Lord.)
So I can't really know -
I can only sense and feel
Those things which I see show.

The patience, understanding -
Which only they can feel -
There is something very special
And something very real.

               WHO'DA THOUGHT IT?

A man with one leg -
Another, crippled, bent
Should remind us what it costs -
And just how much was "spent"
Not in dollars and sense(?)
But in lives and misery -
Things those of us safe at home
Didn't want to see -
We watched it on the "tube"
Just like it was some John Wayne show -
And how lucky we were
We will never, ever know -
We sat in our easy chairs
Sipping a cold beer -
Switching channels, war to football
So we could root and cheer
For our favorite teams
(Some games we won't forget)
But easily pushed from our minds
Was the Viet Nam War Vet -
It's a little better now -
Some are starting to care -
Trying to understand
Problems brought home from there -
It was a different war -
Just ask those who fought it -
You might learn about some things
And say, "I'da never thought it."

Special Thanks to Del Jones

They went across the ocean
To fight in that Asian war -
On behalf of freedom, justice
For peoples of that foreign shore.

More than fifty-eight thousand men
Faced wars' reality -
Bravely sacrificed their lives
So that others might be free.

Most of them were very young -
And now, it seems such a waste -
That war accomplished nothing
And has left a bitter taste.

Those who did survive came home
To a country which turned away -
We didn't know how to greet them -
We didn't know what to say.

They came home to a nation
That said it didn't care -
Said it didn't want to know about
What went on over there.

The tide is finally turning -
Don't you think it's about time
We gave some praise to all of those
Who laid their life on the line?

               THE WALL

There's a wall of marble
Five hundred feet long -
Ten feet high, scribed with names
Of those who died, the strong.

There's more than fifty-eight thousand
Etched upon that stone -
Most of them died so young
This life, they've never known.

It's such a small tribute
To those who fought our war -
Such a small price we pay
To those who gave much more.

Their name carved in a rock
That most of us won't read -
Not near enough praise to give
For their most gracious deed.

Seems there's too many of us
Who don't really seem to care
That we stayed home secure and safe
While they died over there.

Remember when you see that Wall
With all those initials and names
That those men were only pawns
In one more of those deadly games.

Let's hope what they gave had meaning -
And that peace will always reign -
That we won't have to send our young
To fight and die again.
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