By: Donato Gomez, Jr.

A mystic aura emanates
Where we proud vets do congregate
In bars, in clubs, in Legion halls
Our Patriotism does befall.
Over our brews we recollect
War tales too real to soon forget
Our raspy voices do declare:
"Proudly we served, we did our share".
In awe young vets do stop and stare
A curious feeling fills the air:
"These men so old and yet so young,
Their camaraderie makes them one".
Sadly these rites abruptly cease
A calm replaces all the bliss
The news we loathe have just arrived
One of our own last night had died.
There's not a dry eye in the room
As someone plays that somber tune
It does remind us that last night
An old Proud Vet lost his last fight.

Dedicated to All Proud Vets!!!
Donato Gomez, Jr.
USAF Veteran

Copyright 2002 Donato Gomez, Jr.

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