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You gave all you could give
No one could give more
Because of that
I'm here and . . .You're gone.

You were called to serve
You were proud to go
Maybe a little scared
But prepared to do . . .What you must.

High hopes and big dreams
You carried with you
To the faraway land
Across the sea . . .Leaving me.

Then the telegram arrived
Your hopes and dreams
Were gone with you
Left over there . . .With mine.

Now, twenty years later
I stand here with tears
You did your job . . .You gave it all.

The glimmer from the sun
Reflects into my eyes
I see your face
Smiling at me . . .Behind your name
On The Wall.

By: Tonya Gross

Written for the many who proudly served
Yet didn't return from Vietnam.
Thank you for your sacrifice.

© May, 1999
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