My friend was a friend indeed.
He was there with out you ever saying anything.
He was there whether he was called or not.
He was there night or day.
He was there with guidance or helping hand.
He was there for just moral support.
He was there when he was needed.
Then he gave his all when he was called.
A friend was in need and the words were heeded.
My friend gave his all.
There was no more to give
For he had offered the ultimate friendship.
He gave his all.
I would gladly answer the call for him
But he would have none of it.

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By: Gordon D. Sparling, 1SG, USA, Ret


Capt. Danny D. Entrican
United States Army
Special Forces


May God bless him and guide him,
For he was the ultimate friend.
And may God be with him and his family forever.

© 1999
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Music: "Ballad Of The Green Beret"