Several years ago after visiting the Wall I was inspired to write this poem in honor of my two cousins who fought in Viet Nam;

Col. Robert Hancock (USAF)
Maj. Byron Hancock (spf. US Army)


By: Julius Marvin Hart jr.

There beyond the grassy knoll
A figure stands alone
Head is bowed, eyes are closed
All thoughts are far from home.

A gentle breeze moves through the air
I listen to each word
The figures lips are quiet and sealed
Yet voices can be heard.

Come closer press your hand to ours
I hear so many say
We want to ease the pain you feel
Draw close to us this day.

We know your hurting deep inside
We feel your heartache too
Though gone but not forgotten
We are here to comfort you.

There is no anguish on this side
For us there’s no regret
Our one request remember us
Lest all the world forget.

In the jungles and the rivers
Each of us once fought and swam
Then one by one grew silent
In a place called Vietnam.

We watched you board the plane for home
And wept each time you cried
It was for us, there was no doubt
Apart of you had died

We tried to breech life’s barricade
Sought ways you’d heed our call
Then someone found the answer
And engraved it on a wall.

Soldiers, Special Forces
Airmen, Seamen one by one
When each name was etched in stone
We knew that you would come.

There is no way you could resist
This place we now abide,
We knew if you’d but touch the wall
You’d bridge the other side.

And find behind each honored name
Fifty thousand yes and more
That we are looking back at you
This no one can ignore.

Come closer, listen, others speak
A diamond by their name
Their presence can be seen and felt
Their voices are the same.

They too gave all that they could give
Their memory but a haze
The men and women lost in time
They are the MIA’s.

For those who fought and yes survived
Both friend and foe were they
We bid them come and touch the wall
Together we will pray.

It doesn’t matter who you are
Or where you might have come
If you’ll press your hands to ours
Together we’ll be one.

So as each tear falls to the ground
Upon this hollowed place
The healing process will begin
With God’s redeeming grace

America she’s all we’ve got
There is no greater land
Our families we have left with you
Their future in your hand.

To care for them who we still love
There’s no one else to call
But you alone to lead them now
To us behind the wall.

Julius Marvin Hart jr.
© 2002

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