By: Guy L. Jones © 2000

I look upon the cold stare of three bronze soldiers
who stand guard over this field of stone.

They stand guard over the names of comrades in arms
who fell by the way side.

Their gaze says we stand here in the place of honor
guarding those who went before us.

Yes they went before us but we hold true to their cause.

We stand here so all that come to view the names of those
on the stone wall can see their spirit standing guard here.

For we bring back to life the images of friends
who no longer march across the killing fields of war.

For as they touch our cold hands
the souls of lost friends reach out to them through us.

Let us not only guard those who went before us
but those who march over this hollow walkway.

We proudly stand guard for all to see.

Guy L. Jones Is A Vietnam Vet,
Who Served From Nov 68 - Oct 69.
With Co A & HQ,43d Signal Battlion, 22d Signal Group,
1st Signal Brigade Plieku, Vietnam (MAC V compound)

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Music: "Fallen Heroes"