By Rita J. Lammers

Men and women died in honor
In a land so far away
How do we explain the conflict
To the children of today

When they look at us with wonder
"Tell us did we win the war
All these lives are gone forever
What was all the fighting for"

Drop down on a knee and tell them
All the Vets of Vietnam
Fought this fight for others freedom
No regard for their own harm

All the names upon this wall
These people did not die in vain
For freedom’s price throughout the world
Is living on in each one’s name

Valiantly they fought the fight
In that place across the sea
Sacrificed their lives so bravely
Trying to make others free

They did not question should I go
They served with willingness and grace
To try and bring a taste of freedom
To another land and place

We know from all their sacrifice
It takes a special kind of heart
To fight and help their fellow man
To care that much and do their part

And if you do not understand
The price we pay for freedom yet
You’ll find the answer living still
Within a Vietnam War Vet

Rita J. Lammers
© 2002

Written in honor of all Vietnam Veterans
5th Annual Vietnam Veterans Gathering ~ Together Then ~ Together Again ~ Inglis, FL

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