By: Bill Mantooth

We could have been heroes,
Had the time been right;
But ours was to be a different plight.
A nation in turmoil with no one to blame,
So on us was cast the guilt and shame.

We could have been heroes another time and place,
But in our war was found no saving grace.
Forgotten lives, the only loss;
As god's and generals count the cost.

We could have been heroes, had we not been denied,
For we too fought, and suffered, and died.
For a cause we considered to be just and true;
For our country, and our country was you.

We could have been heroes as those we now cheer,
Though if only for some a conscience to clear.
And I do honor them, each and everyone;
For the sacrifices made and a job well done.

But we too could have been heroes,
So long ago.......
Had only you chosen to make it so.

For all my brothers,
For whom the cheers are too late,
Bill Mantooth
9th Infantry Division
Dong Tam, 67-68

"We Could Have Been Heroes" © 2007
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