By: Bill Mantooth

So many names upon this wall,
To some it won't mean much at all.
A fleeting glimpse, that will not last,
Another page of history past.

But family's come from far and near,
To ease their pain and shed a tear.
And touch, for maybe one last time, a name,
In hopes that somehow, he'll know, they came.

My brothers and sisters who shared this war,
Come to heal the silent scars.
And search the names upon this wall,
The ones who fell, who gave their all.

Others seek forgiveness.., there's no need,
They simply did a soldiers deed.
They walked the path that honor chose,
And Heavens mercy holds them close.

Others walk beside this wall,
Not really sure why they're here at all.
Perhaps they'll leave and feel some loss,
And realize what freedom costs.

But these are my heroes, one and all,
That's why I walk beside this wall.

Bill Mantooth
9th Infantry Division
Dong Tam, 67-68

"Beside This Wall" © 2007
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