A Memorial Day Tribute

Barbara L. Milliman-Slaby

A young boy fought bravely
in World War I,
a country gained a hero
as a mother lost a son.

Alone in a corner
sits a little old man,
his eyesight is failing....
he has only one hand.

He remembers Pearl Harbor
he was a soldier in WWII,
and if you have a moment
he'll tell his story to you.

In a wheelchair
sits a man,
who lost his legs fighting
a war in Viet Nam.

He loved his country
and he gave it his all,
now he searches for friends
who are named on "The Wall".

They ask not for pity
they deserve our respect,
they live with the memories
of wars we often forget.

So hold your head high
when "old glory" you see,
and remember those who fought
so that we could be free.

*This poem is dedicated to all the men and women who serve and have served in the military. It is especially dedicated to Mitchell Slaby. He served his country in WWII. He was awarded the Bronze Star and Purple Heart. A wonderful friend, husband, and father who is greatly missed.

© May 22, 1997 Barbara L. Milliman

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