The Wall of Pride
As you walk along our wall
It may seem long and dark
And all the names that you see
Will give you a tear filled heart

But, all of your tears will soon fade away
And your heart wiil fill with pride
As you see our names standing side by side

Knowing that we all did our best
And we all are here for our final rest

You will touch the wall with your loving hands
And run your fingers across our names
To try and ease some of your pain

With a paper and pencil in your hands
You will make an etching of our name
And take us home in your heart

But only brothers and sisters
That stood with us side by side
That stand before the wall and share our pride
Will truly understand why we cannot leave
the wall.............The wall of pride

The Wall of Pride
Dedicated to the
The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall

By: Wm. Montgomery

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