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I remember the first time that I went back.
A warm summer's rain washing the remaining scotch
From the broken bottle at my feet.
I had found shelter in the old barn.
The loft still smelling of the freshly baled hay.
Sleep came fast, having consumed half the bottle that day.
Dreams of screams woke me, as I heard you shouting.
"They're in the wire!" "They're in the wire!"
The bright flash, shower of sparks, and thunderous roar!
My eyes now so wide open
They hurt
As I watched the old apple tree in the glen.
The tree now broken, smoking, and slowly burning,
From the lightning strike.
Yes, that was the first time I went back.

By: John Mowatt

© 3/1997

John Is from Hawley, Pennsylvania and writes poetry,
A lot stemming from memories of his tour in Vietnam
And losing a good friend...
1970-1971, (III Corp) US Army
Second Field Force Squad Leader:
Dusters D-5th/2nd Quad 50s D/71st

Photography By:

Dave (stormguy) Crowley