An air of stillness overshadows, this final resting place,
Black granite holds the memories, etched deep upon its face.
The names of comrades long ago, we see through eyes of tears,
Now Listen! Hush! Hear! "Whispers from The Wall", through all these years.

How I've yearned to see once more, those smiles of friends so dear.
And once again to feel the joy, their laughter upon my ear;
Distant voices of long lost brothers to my heart bring,
"Whispers from The Wall", Hush! Hear their spirits sing?

I touch their names with trembling hand, the pain etched deep inside,
I trace the lines of memories of friends who for us died.
Where is my name, it should have been, etched too upon this Wall,
"Whispers from The Wall" I hear, "You could not save us all"!

"For you we gave our lives dear brother, to live a better day,
you would have done the same for us", I heard these Whispers say.
"These burdens of guilt for having lived you've carried through each year,
Release them to your fallen friends", "Whispers from The Wall" I hear.

"Did we give our lives in vain, why fill your heart with regret?"
"That you survived instead of us, and this guilt you can't forget?"
"We laid our young lives down for you, you too would have given all;
look in your soul, you'll know the truth," come "Whispers from The Wall".

"Carry our memory with you, as if next to you we stand,
and salute for us "Old Glory", as she waves free above this land."
"With you we walk, be proud, stand tall, we all have done our
part". "Whispers from the Wall", flowing to this saddened heart.

"And live each day as if for two, as though one of us were there!"
"Don't wallow in self-pitying guilt, or anger and despair!"
"We are the best this country has, live your life as such;
if you were here and we stood there, you too would ask as much!"

An air of stillness will always overshadow this resting place,
and names of friends remain, etched on its granite face.
But should you stand real quiet there, Spring, Summer, Winter, or Fall,
Hush! Now Listen! Eternal truths.....


by: Brian J. Muegge

© 1986

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