I came to see your name on black.
    And wished to god you had come back.

    You fought for what you said was right,
    And I prayed for you both day and night.

    The names of all those on that wall,
    Have souls behind them one and all.

    I love you more then I can say,
    And miss you almost everyday.

    The pain I felt has lessened now,
    And in its place is peace somehow.

    Your name is remembered and seen by those who can,
    That you’re among so many a brave young man.

    The wall your name has been placed upon,
    Will go on, and on, and on.

    Mick, you'd be glad to know, we've learned to cope,
    And managed to go on the way you'd hoped.

    Remember, you'll be forever in our hearts,
    And in our lives, you'll always be a part.

    This is not a message of ''goodbye'' to you,
    It's my ''see you later, when my time comes too''.

    I kissed your name before I left that night,
    And wanted you to know, things are now all right.

    I manage to live with one regret,
    That the family I have, you've never met.

    But one day we'll all be together in one big place,
    And we'll be able to talk again...this time, face-to-face.

    I love you and miss you every single day!
        Your loving sister, Pauline(Dunn) Marsh

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          © 2006