D L Oxford©

Onward unknown soldier
Whose boots are clad with mud
Your clothes are torn and covered
With someone elses blood

Was it from an enemy
Or did you hold a friend to your heart
Who died in a simple skirmish
In a war he didn't start

Onward unknown soldier
March through this land of strife
Be it political or for "freedom"
YOU still must fight for life

You didn't ask for this
You've thought as you laid in your rack
Now you say if your luckier than most
You'll just walk into hell and back

Onward unknown soldier
Don't worry about the tears
For the men that walk behind you
Know those deep and piercing fears

Fear that mounts with every step
A feeling you've learned to well
Then an ambush rips your flesh apart
And you've lost that trip to hell

Onward unknown soldier
Through your futile death Heaven's gate still wait
For you were instructed to fight the men of the world
Instead of killing the HATE

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