There are none so very lonely,
As those who share so much.
They keep there memories only,
To forget what they can't touch.
They all hold on to something,
Be it sight or even sound.
Could be only one thing,
They're all so tightly bound.
Their comrades, No, their brothers,
My God, their sisters too,
Share one thing that no others,
Can ever share with you.
Their minds are etched with pictures,
Of fallen friend and foe.
Those damned eternal fixtures,
Never letting go.
Though war has no conscience,
The people who fought them do.
They don't need the nonsense,
That man has put them through.
They fought for all our freedom,
And love of country too.
Let's show them that we need them,
They live with this for you!

Lawrence F. Kelly
© Copyright 1994

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