"Semper Fi"

John J. Phillips Jr.

I saw them standing there.
Images not made of flesh or sand or wood or brass.
They were saying , "I'd come home and be with you
if only time would not have passed."

I saw them standing there
reaching as to touch.
I set my hand to greet them,
but felt the slab and such......

I saw them standing there
in uniforms all tattered and torn.
There is a barrier, polished stone and names,
of which I was not warned.

I saw them standing there
in sunlight shining so bright.
The reflection of the present
wasn't even in my sight.

I saw them standing there
not hearing their silent cries.
It's hard to hear them when
we pray with prayerful sighs.

It's not very often you hear
from one who didn't fall,
"I was there and saw them,
beyond the living wall."

Copywright 1995
John J. Phillips Jr.
Tuesday, May 27, 1997

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