"From Scotland...These Brave"

"Ancient Hunting Tartan of The Clan McFarlane"

Out to the Jungles green
They went not from Aberdeen
But rather they travelled
From a New Hearty Land
Blood of the Scots they carried
Spirits which nae stayed buried
Sich were these young Brave-Hearts...Bound for Vietnam

Tall stand these gallant warriors
High on a Wall of Honor
Facing their Stars and Stripes of Red, White and Blue
But within each Brave-Heart forever
Are mirrors of shining rivers
And calls from their ancient fathers:
"Now hame...Come ye too"

Hame to the misty mountains
Hame to the purple islands
Hame where auld Scotia waits
To honor ye true
Soft blow the winds to meet you
Mists are the tears shed for you
Gentle the mother who now cradles her bairns

Tall stand these gallant warriors
Upon our ain Field of Honor
Our tears fall as raindrops that cause heather to bloom
Joyfully now we claim you
As all our ain salute you
Ye be our ain forever
All Scotsmen...All true

Into Southeast Asian Jungles
Marched men in countless numbers
Their names from auld Scotia
Now engraved upon The Wall
On point deadly ambush lying
Warriors by thousands dying
Called by their fathers' names...And still Scotsmen all

Towering the Granite Wall
Still guarded by Brave-Hearts all
Eyes lifted upwards towards their ain flag that waves
But back by the shining river
Scots call out names together
Reclaiming each warrior
Sprung from Scotland...These Brave

Dedicated To The Thousands Of Names Upon The Wall
Which Are Directly Traceable
To Family Clans In: "Scotland The Brave"

Most Notably To: The Clan McFarlane
Whose Motto is:


In gratitude: SandyV


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