It's quiet now....
"This song was written for all the people who have died,
in all the wars, of all time."

Joseph Sestito
"To those who died for it, freedom has a taste that the protected shall never know."

Because of them,
we now can truly say
we have a great prospect of peace in our time.
It is from their blood
that the white purity of freedom's dove
can stretch its wings and take flight.
May we look to them,
of any race,
creed and nationality,
and think one thing:
They did this for their own country.
Even though
we may say
that the enemy is wrong.
Think of a 19 year old private
sitting in a trench
bleeding to death,
calling on God,
calling for his mother...
now picture him on the other side of no man's land.
We all have souls,
we are all people.
Think of 500,000 men being led in landing crafts,
like sheep,
and knowing they were not going to see
another sunset,
or their family ever agian.
Think of 58,000 men
who are only remembered on a wall
to everyone else,
they were scum...
we have a responsibility to remember them.
They were not at fault.
They only did what they thought,
or were told,
what was right.
We cannot blame them.
To kill, we are like most animals,
but to defend we are most like angels.

Joseph Sestito
Sunday, May 18, 1997

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