Spoken In Silence

Their names are forever engraved
So our nation may always recall,
The fifty-eight thousand and more
Who have fallen but live on the Wall.
Each name speaks in silence,
Of each family that suffers loss,
How each answered the call to duty
And each paid the highest cost.

Let the Wall that's made of granite
Tell of soldiers made of steel,
At war abroad in a divided land
While division back home was real.
Now battles on both fronts have ended
With a memorial built long and tall.
May a nation in need of real heroes,
Look no further than the Wall.

May their silent names speak loudly
At the Wall that's become a shrine,
How they served their country with honor,
So let each name with honor shine.
As they fought and died with valor,
May they live as patriots one and all,
As a hallowed voice for freedom
Spoken in silence on the Wall.

Gary C. Todd


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