By: Dan Springborn
Vietnam Aug 1969-Aug 1970

Co. A 1st Bn 5th Cav. (Airmobile)

So many years have slipped on by
Since coming home from war
A person may get older
But never forgets the horror

I miss my friends I served there with
They were the best you see
They're in my thoughts most every day
Always standing there with me

We laughed, we joked, did some smoke
Just trying to stay sane
And to this day I hate it when
I'm caught out in the rain

I know of none that went there
And came back with no pain
When you experience what we did
Life's really never the same

It was a long, long time ago
You'd think that things would change
But in my mind I think of them
And their smiles are always the same

We may or may not meet again
For this I do not know
But their always in my heart
Were ever I may go

I've one true friend and soul mate
Who's always by my side
I praise the LORD and thank him
For making her my bride 6-16-73

At times I have some struggles
Thou she can not understand
She's always stood by silently
And simply held my hand
She's such a blessing
I thank the LORD above
She makes my life worth living
Filling it full of love

So this is my tribute to the friends
Who mean so much to me
If we don't meet while in this world
Then heaven it will have to be

In Memory of:
Edward F. Brady
Dennis Chamberlin
John 15:13

Always Remembered
Wendell W. Allen
Larry O. Gregory
Ron Ihrig
William C. Jacobs
Gerald W. Maden
Dan Murphy
Joseph Thaddaeus Aquarius Monkus, 1st (Jo Jo)
Ron Nill

"Friends Forever"
by Michael W. Smith

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