I visited "The Wall" today
Not knowing what to expect.
It's only a wall with names,
Not with a face or words to say...

The names were almost endless,
Fifty-Eight thousand plus.
The visitors were fathers, sons,
Friends and us...

My son stood closely,
As I carefully touched the stone.
My hands were shaking as I realized,
Some never may come home...

A young girl left a note,
It said:
“Thank you for your sacrifice,
I love you.
Sincerely, Me."
A young girl visited "TheWall" today...

As my son watched,
I cried,
I couldn't speak...

For honor and reverence
Of those who died
For me...

I visited “The Wall” today,
Not knowing what to expect
Thank you for serving and dying,
For me and the rest…

In Gratitude

Sgt. Brian Stuttler

...after a visit to "The Wall" this past summer...