By: Ray Wayne

On a trip to DC, I stopped by the Wall
To visit some old friends I hadn't seen for awhile
There was Bill, Neil, Preach, and of course Bob.

As I stood looking at their names inscribed in the Wall,
First I noticed the reflection of my face-
Then I noticed their-
Faces in the Wall

Each name had a face in the wall-
All fifty eight thousand and more.
And each face has a story to tell-
about the Faces in the Wall.

As I watched people come and go-
Family, Friends, and fellow vets-
each had their moments
With the faces in the Wall.

Some came to cry, some came to say good by,
Some came to ask Why?
A young man said "But Dad I didn't get to know you!"
A veteran with one leg missing said "Thank you man- you
Saved my life. I owe you one!"

They left flowers, a baseball, pictures, poems,
medals, a flag and more.
All to the faces in the Wall.

If you have a chance to go to DC, and have a
couple of hours to spend- Read the names
and say hello to my friends and the other-
Faces in the Wall.

Ray Wayne
© 1999

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