The Lord looked down upon His earth.

He watched many lives being lived,
and witnessed many births.

Then The Lord noticed that
there was something wrong
Soldiers left behind
and forgotten for so long!

Some were still alive,
others buried and long gone.
All had been deserted;
left to fight on all alone;
rejected by their country,
a country they'd called home.
They'd fought with pride and honor!
Why was nothing being done?

The Lord saw this and He began to weep.
His tears soaked into the hearts
of those whose love flowed deep.
His tears eased the pain and sorrow
of those who the endless vigil kept,
and nurtured hearts and minds
as in their lonliness they wept.

As His tears dropped,
a man was at The Wall.

He looked up into the sky
felt the sorrow in those drops.
He knelt over and he wept,
at his silent vigil spot.

The rain kept on falling,
but he didn't see the rain.
He saw one special teardrop
for each who'd suffered pain.
He keenly sensed the forgotten ones
who'd been left behind alone
in mental cages, felt the rain
containing great and wondrous love.
And knew his silent Vigil helped
ease tortured hearts and pain.

©Justin K. Holland June 8 2000
Assistant Webmaster
The Vietnam Veterans' Memorial Wall Page

(With Help from a friend with Rythm and rhyming)
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Music: "Crying"

By: DJ Proton