This is dedicated to the veterans

from Australia & the US who fought

in a war none understood

I Will Remember
The Boys Who Fought in Nam
Passed hand to hand,
the wishes,
the dreams,
the hopes of an entire generation,
an entire nation sent to war,
a score of old men leading all our boys to die,
while we watched in horror,
in pain,
in grief,
the disbelief that we had to lose so many of our boys,
their toys barely left behind,
their eyes,
so young,
so bright,
so full of hope,
the fight so long,
so sad,
the pain so bad,
the wounds so deep,
until at last our oung men sleep in their makers arms again,
their names carved in stone,
never to come home,
never to touch our tears again ...
lest we forget,
lest we grow old,
our hearts must never be so cold,
we must not run and hide,
we must remember them,
the boys who died ...
let it not be in vain,
let us not forget,
the pain,
the cries,
the agonies,
the braveries,
the heroes,
and the smiles,
the time that was so long ago,
across so many miles
in a land so bright
so green
caught in a place
just in between
hope and lies,
we must remember still,
must promise that we always will
touch their hearts while still we can,
remember, friends ...
remember ...
the boys who died,
who lived,
who cried,
the boys who fought in NAM.

Author Leanne Bradburn