Ode To Richard McGee
"In Loving Memory Of a Boyhood Friend Richard McGee"

There were four of us in my family,
two sisters, one brother and me.
And my mother had a third son
his name was Richard McGee

My brother brought him home one day,
he was skinny with hair wild and free
and freckles dotted across the nose
Of this boy named Richard McGee

He was always at our house,
Apart of our family,
He even called my mother Ma'
This waif named Richard McGee

I was the little brother, a nuisance
And pest indeed
I always got to tag along with my
Brother and Richard McGee.

There were camping trips and swimming holes
And wonderful memories
Of the time I spent with my brother
And his friend named Richard McGee

One day my brother left, the country
He wanted to see,
The other joined the army,
A soldier named Richard McGee

There was a war somewhere,
Somewhere across the sea,
And I know he thought it was his duty
This boy named Richard McGee

He became a helicopter gunner, flying
High above the trees
That is until a bullet found it's mark
And killed Richard McGee

Gauged in the earth a wall now
stands, a silent effigy
And bares the name of a boyhood friend
A boy named Richard McGee

Now, the sun still shines and
Memories come and flee
Most cherished are those I spent
With my brother
And a boy named....,
Richard McGee

I followed Richard's foot steps and joined the Army
serving in Viet Nam From 1968-1969 with the
11th Armored Cavalry Regiment 3rd Squadron

James L. Worthington RN CRRN
Orlando, Florida USA