James L. Worthington RN CRRN

Farewell Farewell my fallen friend
they used us and cared not how.
O' truest friend sleep rest sleep,
for thee no triumph then or now.

They plucked you from your glorious youth.
To manhood sprung this boy-man-child.
O' dearest friend sleep rest sleep,
Thy mother looks to heaven to see your smile.

Farewell Farewell my fallen friend.
Credulous and innocent you proudly went.
O' childhood friend sleep rest sleep,
Through thunder and fire your youth was spent.

I hear your piteous cry which sped you
on the wings of fate.
O' bravest friend sleep rest sleep.
Tears bedew the eyes of those who
lament upon this date.

Farewell Farewell my fallen friend,
A wall now stands to strain the sorrow.
O' kindest friend sleep rest sleep,
and those who fail to listen will weep
for their tomorrows.

In solitude you learned the sanctity of
life and God reigns over all.
O' blessed friend sleep rest sleep,
your name etched in our hearts
as it is upon this wall.

James L. Worthington RN CRRN
Orlando, Florida USA