Anonymous: "In Memory of those lost from Northeast Ohio"
James L. Armstrong, 282nd AHC '66-'67
John N. Baldwin, M.D.
Michael K. Bauer
Sherry Beebe
Edith Boivin, in memory of my son Ronald W. Nute
Angels Bridge (two donations)
Christine Burke
Charles Callahan 101st ABN. in memory Geo. Carney
Brooks D. Cash
William Chalke .. In Memory of Scott Flint
John Chontofalsky
MIchael D. Collins
Brad Corley
Jeff & Pam Crockett
Michael E Cromar
Douglas Davis, 3/506th Inf. Reg. 101st ABN .. In rememberance of Robert Alan Amspacher
Ame Dittman
Ronald Z. Dobbs
Roger Evilsizor
Michael Feller, in memory of Edward Ray Sargent USMC
Bernard Fine
Timothy Forbes
Catherine Gladden
Julie Groff
Frank & Alice Hagan
William A. Hazel, Inc., in memory of Thomas Edward "Sarge" Durham
Barbara Hill, in memory of SP4 Joe B. Ojeda
Anne Howard
James D. Jack
Barbara Jaggers
Henry Kelly
Stanley Kelly
Kimberly Kimmel-Ober
Dean W. Knox
Katsuji Kobata
Arthur Layton
North Bay Listings
Michael Long
Stanley MacLeod
John M. Mack
James MacKay
Kathleen M. McCarthy
James Meade
Gregory Overton, for Joe B. Ojeda, Bobby R. Gardner, Steven D. Perry, and Herbert Taylor
Harold Peckham, Jr.
Muriel C. Pederson - a Gold Star Mother
Walter Polk
Trinidad Carlos Quiroz
Teresa Rivera , on Behalf of LT. James Teague
Lori Rossi
Ann Safier, for her brother, Sgt. Steven Giacoppo Jr.
Josephine Salerno, for her brother Sgt. Steven Giacoppo Jr. and her friend Sgt. Peter Jirsa
Fred Scarbrough
Michael Sheehan, in memory of SFC John Leroy Partee 2/12th Infantry
Charles R. Smith
Mrs. Charles Steiner
James Street
Tina Baptista Troupe
Valley Podriatry Associates, South Hadley MA, in memory of Clinton M. Rhoades Jr.
Judy Vancleave
Mike Vitone
Tommie Whittemore, in memory of Gary Cates and Larry Hackleman
Marlene Wood
David York
Lisa Goglio-Zarczynski, for Gary Lunzmann


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