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Thomas  Kelly
11 Fairview Rd. W. Massapequa NY 11758 USA
Amityville Memorial
i did not know Tyrone Pannell. I was in Manhattan college at the same time but our paths never crossed. In approx. 2005 or so I stopped at a war memorial at the former quarters of an American Legion post. I was stunned to see Tyrone's name. I am not from amityville and did not know he was from there. The memorial has not be taken care of. Although the post retains ownership ,no care- taking takes place except for replacement of the flag. The present owners, a church, have a hands-off policy toward the memorial. I have become a quasi caretaker. I place a wreath on the memorial at Christmas and leave flowers on Memorial Day and Veterans' Day and on November 30th. On this November30th I will leave the 50 year medal from Manhattan College that he would have gotten if he was here. In a strange way we have become friends. I write this only so that if his family happens to see this, they will know he is not forgotten. I will try to get up to the cemetery before Christmas. Tom Kelly
Nov 24, 2014

Gary  Peterson
Marine Corps Friend
400 Storm Ridge Drive Canon City Colo. 81212 USA
Fond Memories of a Friend
Something triggered my recollection of Ty this evening and caused me to come to this web site not sure what. I am sure of the wonderful memories I still have of my not forgotten friend. Ty and I went through Marine Basic School together at Quantico. I did not know him before this time and, although we went to Viet Nam at about the same time, I never met him again. Ty and his wonderful, beautiful wife Marlene lived in the apartment above my wife (Sheila) and I while at the Basic School. Ty was a liberty 'road dog' (partner) of mine on numerous occasions, and became a close friend, as did his wife with my wife. His easy demeanor, great sense of humor and winning personality made his company a joy. The only picture I could find of Ty (it has been 50 years) is our Platoon graduation picture from Basic School. I would willingly copy it if requested. His memory has never left me.
Aug 7, 2014

Paul  Hughes
College Classmate
1320 Blue Sage Drive Steamboat Springs CO 80487 USA
Still Missed After All These Years
I was a classmate of Ty's for four years at Manhattan. He was a wonderful person to be around, with a terrific laugh and a kind word for everyone. The last time I saw Ty was the day of his daughter's christening. We exchanged letters once or twice, so I learned that he had been injured by a grenade and medevaced to a carrier. But his letter said he was okay and already back with his unit. That was the last I heard from him until I heard from a friend that he had been killed. Ty was the first of our class to die. There have been many more since too many. The rest of us are so old that Ty wouldn't recognize us, but we would always remember him as he was: young, athletic, handsome, smiling, and totally squared away.
May 26, 2014

joseph Hempfling  hempfling
students at Bishop Loghlin H.S.
Santa Fe New Mexico 87505
until we meet again.
The traveling Viet Nam Healing Wall, a half sized replica of the Washington Memorial Wall, came to Santa Fe for three days this past weekend, whereby us locals could pay our respect to our Brothers and Sisters, who didn't come home. New Mexico lost 398 of it's Brothers and Sisters and knew Ty had to be listed and when I was directed how and where I could find his name my heart skipped a beat as I remembered our days as students at Bishop Loughlin H.S. in Brooklyn, way back when. And I like Ty also ran track, coached by the ever demanding Mr. Bud Miles, only the best I could do was to earn and wear a minor letter in sprints, on my school purple and gold sweater. I remember Ty being the gifted athlete that he was already world class and destined, even then, in my opinion for greater things, maybe even the Olympics. To watch him run was like watching a gazelle run with speed, grace and purpose to win. Particularly in the Loughlin Games And today, in my perhaps small way I was able to reach out and touch his name on the Healing Wall. And being Ty, the Ty I still vividly remember reached back, telling me he is waiting, still on his starting blocks, waiting for the Starting Gun and for you and for me. And saying WE SHALL RACE AGAIN.
Mar 22, 2014

Joe  Troise
18815 Riverside Drive Sonoma California 95476 United States
I Still Think of Him
I went to school with Ty, same home room class. We weren't buddies but he always complimented me on my articles in the school paper and I, of course, always complimented him on his amazing athletic prowess. He never fell, never stumbled, that I ever saw. If he didn't win a race, he sure looked like he should have. He is buried in Long Island National Cemetery, in Farmingdale, New York. I intend to go there before it's too late, to say goodbye. I just need to, you know?
Nov 11, 2013

Jesse  Pannell-Denson
3765 North Hampton Dr NW kennesaw Ga 30144
Uncle Ty, your truly missed
My uncle Tyrone is truly a hero not only to our family but to America as well. I never got to meet him because he had already passed when I was born, but let me tell you that his spirit still lives on. He lives on through his ONLY brother, ONLY daughter, his 7 nieces and nephews, and his ONLY granddaughter. My father (his only brother) talks and tells stories about him and we look at pictures. My uncle is loved not only by us, but from what I have read... by the world as well. I know he is looking down from heaven and smiling. We love you uncle, and you will always be missed.. Your niece, Jesse Pannell-Denson
Sep 27, 2013

Al  Nivon
older classmate Manhattan College
119 West 95thStreet NY Ny 10025 USA
Fifty Years late
http://2nd Lt Tyronne Panell
I graduated from Manhattan College in 1962 two years before Ty Panell. I knew him as a gifted track star and as a member of my closest friend's pledge class. I think of Ty Panell from time to time and wonder how his child is as a grown man or woman.
Oct 14, 2012

Phil  Kellogg
Same Hometown
'You were, what others, did not want, to be.' 'You went, where others feared, to go.' 'You did, what others failed, to do.' 'You asked nothing from those, who gave nothing and reluctantly accepted, the thought of eternal loneliness, should you fail.' 'You, saw the face, of terror.' 'Felt the sting, of fear.' 'You were and always will be, a 'UNITED STATES MARINE.'
May 16, 2012

Patty  (Glancy) Trimble
26 Howard Street Springvale ME 04083 USA
My Friend
When I was a young girl I lived next door to Lt Pannell and his wife in Quantico, VA. I used to go over to his house all the time and we'd play cards. Our favorite game to play was War. I can't remember which of us lost or won the most. But I remember Mr. Pannell. We'd play that game and flip those cards and laugh and talk. I remember my Dad taking me to the track and we'd sit on the hill and watch Lt. Panell practice and run. When Mrs. Panell was pregnant with their daughter, and I didn't understand things like I do now, I would tell her that I wanted her to bring me a grass skirt back from Hawaii and she would be so quiet. My little girl fancy of a grass skirt from Hawaii and her knowing.... I feel that moment to this day, her quiet. Knowing why now that which I was much to young to understand then... I remember when Mrs. Panell came back to visit with their daughter and she was just a beautiful baby. I remember when I was told of his death. I remember exactly. I was young but I was a Marine's daughter and a soldiers life does not have a sugar coating. Growing up a Marine's daughter during the war there were alot of goodbye's. But Mr.Pannell was MY friend. A friend I remember to this day.
Oct 4, 2011

Christopher  Glancy
Served w/ my father & family friend
47 George Wright Road Woolwich Maine 04579 USA
2Lt. Pannell, On this Memorial Day weekend the Glancy family remembers you. While I was too young to remember you in person from your time at Quantico, you were a good friend and role model for my older brother Bob. As the son of a Marine that served whenever his country called, I want to thank you for the sacrifice you gave to this great country and want your family to know you are remembered and your contribution lives on to this very day. I and our country thank you and your family and we owe you both a debt that simply cannot be repaid. Chris Glancy, Son of Lt Col Robert F. Glancy (deceased)
May 28, 2011

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