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Smokey Kimbrough
I remember, the first night, in the bush, on watch, with you. We were scared, weren't we? But we stood, our watch and we kept on going, till we were hit. The pass word, for the first, night, was, "cold beer" and the sarge said, was right, when he said, we would never, forget, the first password. I was hit, the week after you, but somehow, I made it, out. No rhyme, or reason. That was, a very long, time ago, or was, it last week? See you, again. Semper Fi!
Sunday, February 24, 2002

Jerrell Geoghagan
Lifetime friend
Troy and I rode the same school bus from day one until finishing. We both hunted, sometimes together, and shared many hunting stories. I'll never forget his stories of the night hunts with his Dad, Monroe, and their dogs. Straight up and honest, always true to his word. We'll forever miss him.
Sunday, October 26, 2003


You are an American hero, whose ultimate sacrifice will not, be forgotten. Rest well, brave Marine. You will, be remembered, for always, being faithful, to God, Country, Family and the Corps. - "Some people, spend an entire lifetime wondering, if they made a difference. The Marines, don't have, that problem." ~ President, Ronald Reagan, 1985 ~ ~ ~ LCPL., CARNLINE, USMC., YOU HAVE MADE A DIFFERENCE, TO WHICH, I'AM, VERY GRATEFUL. Thank you, for your honorable, service, to this nation. You will live, forever, in the hearts of all, who knew and loved you. ~~ I have fought, a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept, the faith. Timothy, 2:4:7
Saturday, January 14, 2006

L/cpl., Antonio R. Ramos
Was there, that fateful evening
234, E., 81, St., Apt., A, NY., NY., 10028, USA
On the 39th, aniversary
Marine Brother: It's been 39, years and I remember it, like yesterday. I haven't forgotten, you and the other, 13, guys, that paid, with their lives. God Bless, you and Rest in Peace. Semper Fi! BLT., 1/3, Aboard the USS., Okinawa. Antonio
Wednesday, May 03, 2006

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