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Roy  Spencer
Vietnam Veteran-Air Force Pilot
F4 Hero
Major William R. Andrews was a pilot assigned to the 433rd Tactical Fighter Squadron at Ubon Airfield, Thailand. On October 5, 1966, he was assigned a strike mission over North Vietnam in his F4C Phantom fighter/bomber. Andrews flew the number three aircraft in a flight of four. Following the mission, the flight was directed to fly escort for two B-66's. A MiG alert was issued after which it was noticed that the number three aircraft (Andrews) was not in the formation. No radio contact was received from the missing aircraft crew, but a short time later an emergency radio beeper signal was heard. Both crewmen ejected safely from their aircraft and reached the ground without injury. Radio contact was subsequently made with Andrews, but due to heavy ground fire, he was not recovered. He reported that he was uninjured, but that North Vietnamese forces were approaching his position. The two went down in Nghia Lo Province about 40 miles east-northeast of the city of Na San. The second crewman was subsequently rescued. Andrews later reported that he was wounded and losing consciousness. He was classified as Prisoner of War and was expected to return in the prisoner release in 1973. Andrews did not return in 1973, and the Vietnamese deny knowledge of his fate.
Sep 6, 2011

Janet  Mosley
To Honor a POW who did not make it back alive
I am so glad to see that his body was recovered for his family. It's so sad, the not knowing! I lost my cousin, WIA on July, 11, l967, died July 18, 1967 on the Delta. The vietnam people did not treat our men well. William went to a good place, at rest. Bless him!
Nov 2, 2010

Malcolm   Kirby
USAF Veteran - 191st photo recon.
Rest in Peace, my Brother
You will not be forgotten...
Jun 9, 2008

manny g
Fellow Veteran 69-70 An Khe
Union Gap, WA. 98903
“You are Remembered”
Peace and condolence, to the family and friends. “He which hath no stomach, to this fight, let him depart. But we in it, shall be remembered. We few, we happy few, we band of brothers!! For he today, that sheds his blood with me, shall always be my brother.” Rest in peace brave soldier, you have not been forgotten. (W.Shakespeare) May God Bless you, for your Sacrifice!!!
Sep 6, 2007

Bill Gallenstein
USAF Veteran
Zephyrhills FL 3541 USA
A very proud cold war USAF veteran remembers you on this day. My God bless you and your family always. I salute you, Thank you
Jul 10, 2007

Linda R
Today, is your birthday and you, are not here to celebrate, because you gave your life, for our freedom. Thanks and Happy Birthday.
Jun 9, 2007

Francis Kaufman
Just, a few words, to HONOR your memory, on your birthday, for the day, you made the SUPREME SACRIFICE, on September 6th, 1974. You will, never be forgotten.
Monday, June 09, 2003

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