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Elaine  Westfall
I grew up near Clarksburg, WV. In 1970, I was exchanging letters with a soldier in Vietnam who wrote and told me that someone from the Parkersburg area had been killed. It has taken me forty-five years to find out the name of the Mountaineer whose life was taken too soon. I came to this page to express my gratitude for your service and to extend my deepest sympathies to all who knew, loved, and remember you.
Nov 25, 2015

Sandra  Merritt
108 Ray Avenue Pennsboro WV 26415 us
In Memory
Dear Everett, Forty two years have passed but you are still in the minds and hearts of friends and family.
Apr 4, 2012

Ruth  Flohr
As a teacher, I thought it would be good for my students to visit the Vietnam Memorial with more than just a look at the wall. So instead, I found names of soldiers that had actually died on the day of our visit and had my students make an etching of their names. It was so much more personal and touching. You are not forgotten.
Apr 9, 2011

Sandra  Merritt
Thinking of you. Sandy
Apr 4, 2011

Paul  Reilly
40 years ago today
Forty years man. Can you believe it? And here we all are. I bet you thought we’d forget, huh? Naw. You’re still with us, in our hearts and in our minds. God bless. You are missed but we so very much appreciate your sacrifice. Thank you.
Apr 4, 2010

Sandra  Merritt
108 Ray Ave Pennsboro WV 26415 USA
40 Years Ago
Dear Everett, It is Easter Sunday morning. We lost you 40 years ago today on foreign soil. We think of you often. Rest in peace dear one.
Apr 4, 2010

Ruth  Flohr
23409 via boscana valencia ca 91355 US
We'll never forget.
There are 33 students and 5 adults that will be remembering your service as we find your name on the wall on the anniversary of your death.
Apr 2, 2010

Patrick  Allen
105 Main Street Pennsboro WV 26415 US
Thank you
Everett, I never had the pleasure of meeting you, but today I am friends with some of your High School buddies, John Reed and Micky Walters. When you were taken away from your friends and family I was 5 years old. When I was a senior in HS, I won the Everett Ankrom award at Pennsboro High School, today my son (Riley) returned the trophy to the wall in honor of you. He also wrote you a note. It was an honor to win this award but it is a bigger honor for my son to give it back to you. He is 11 years old. I took him up the grave yard before he went on the field trip so he could see your picture. At the wall it got very emotional for him, he cried and my wife cried as well. As I get older I hear stories of what a fine young man you were, from your coaches and friends, you are a hero and I am honored to have recieved your award. I will always remember that day, and my son will remember the day that it was given back to you. God bless
May 29, 2009

Mick  Regan
usmc vietnam vet lima 3/26 68-69
Apr 4, 2009

Sandy  Merritt
Thirty nine, years ago, today, you left us to travel, to a better place. Please know, we still love you and often, think about you, even though, the years pass by. Love, Sandy
Apr 4, 2009

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