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Garnet  Jenkins
Grand Junction Co
~ With Profound Gratitude ~

In Remembrance of your Sacrifice and with Profound Gratitude for your Courage, Service and Dedication to our Country and for Freedom. Rest in Peace, SSgt Donald Paul Lockwood and know that you will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN. My brother, Sgt. David Dickinson is a young hero, who also made the Supreme Sacrifice in Vietnam in 1967.....NEVER MY SOUL, STILL THE SONG, OF WOUNDED HEARTS, THEIR LOVED ONE GONE.....OF HIM WHO GAVE HIS LIFE, FOR ME.....THAT I MIGHT LIVE, IN LIBERTY.
Mar 15, 2010

Kimberly  Lockwood
Union City CA 94587 USA
My Wonderful Dad
This amazing person who gave his life for this country was my daddy Donald P. Lockwood. I was only 2 when he died and my brother was 3 months old, that in turn left his wife to be a widow at 19. Even though I never got to know him and have a daddy in my life, to me he's always been there and I will always love him for his great sacrafice. So for any of you out there who may have served with him I guess you could consider yourselves lucky because you knew him and what he was like. I've gotten to know about my dad through pictures and what my mom and other family members have told my brother and I. From what I've heard of him my brother and I have missed out on a lot, by just not being around him with being loving,fun and an all around good person. Several years ago when the moving wall came to California and was in town we went to see the wall we took etchings of his name, that was a very moving experience all in its self just because after all that's my dad's name on this wall. We visit his grave often and clean it, leave flowers we even decorate it for the holidays. I often look through the photo books of pictures from Vietnam that he sent home just to look at him. I/we just feel so cheated with not having him here. I will forever love you daddy and you will always be in my heart and thoughts. Thank you for everything Daddy. Love you always. You will always be my Hero. Love your Daughter, Kim
Nov 5, 2009

To My Fallen Friend Donald: It is so hard to believe its been over 38 years since we lost you. I had the honor and privilege to visit The Vietnam Memorial during the summer of 2007 with my then 19 year old son Alexander and then 28 year old daughter Janelle. The mini wall was here in Colorado Springs some two years earlier and it was then that I was able to locate your Panel Of Honor. The mini wall was hard to visit Donald - seeing your name there on Panel 3 West, Line 85 brought back an immense rush of memories and was quite surreal for several weeks after. It was a reminder of what you sacrificed for us and I can tell you that 'YOUR SACRIFICE WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN'. Going to the Washington DC Memorial was filled with much apprehension as just seeing your name on the mini wall was so moving. My son and daughter allowed me to visit your panel alone and can tell you, it was one of the most emotional experiences of my life. Many tears were shed at your panel. I do have some etchings of your name, albeit with a shakey hand. I offered prayers for you, your family and thanked you for all you did for us in Hooch #4424 and our great nation. As my Hooch Chief, you were the best! I was only 19 years old when I transferred from Bien Hoa AB to Cam Rahn Bay AB and you were a tremendous sense of calm going into a new area of a very hostile country. There was some feeling of peace leaving your panel and have to say that walking up and out of the Memorial brought you and the other 58,000+ Americans all together in a good way. Your not alone Donald - and that somehow brought a good, yet regretful feeling. I was fine until seeing my children and then the flood gates just seemed to open up. I thanked them for letting me go alone to your panel and then asked them if they would allow me to take them, to you. It was with honor and respect that I told them of you Donald, of the ultimate sacrifice you made for all of us,cannot ever be forgotten and they, Alex and Janelle are forever tied to Panel 3 West, Line 85, Donald P. Lockwood and to remember you 'With Honor Always'. You are remembered every day Donald - will be until I am gone and then I can assure you that my children and their children will always remember you as well. I have wanted to get in contact with your family and hope that maybe that can happen sometime. I would be honored to meet them. Rest well my brother 'YOUR SACRIFICE WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN'! With Love and Respect Always - DWIGHT 'IKE' SCHNEIDER I can also be found at the United States Air Force Together We Served web site for a link to Donald's web page. Godbless you Donald and 'ALL' your family.
Nov 3, 2009

Malcolm  Kirby
USAF Veteran - 191st photo recon.
Vietnam Veterans of America - Chapter 785
Rest in Peace, my Brother. You will not be forgotten...
Oct 12, 2008

Bill Gallenstein
USAF Veteran
Zephyrhills FL 33541 USA
A very proud cold war USAF veteran remembers you on this day. My God bless you and your family always. I salute you, Thank you.

Mar 23, 2007

Garnet Jenkins
Just passing by.
Grand Junction, Co USA
Tribute to a Fallen Hero
Remembering this Young Hero on the anniversary of the day he gave his Life for our country. You will never be forgotten. Please know that you are loved and missed. Revelations 21:4
Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Manuel Pino Jr.
Fellow Viet Vet And Coloradoan
REFLECTIONS FROM THE MOVING WALL". I am a monument to a black period in this countries history.I am the Vietnam wall.,composed to two angled granite walls,inscribed with the names of fifty eight thousand,one hundred thirty four American men and women who died in hell (that was Vietnam) Many people come to see me. strangely they come mostly in silence-old people,young people,children,mothers,fathers,widows,and veterans.all for reasons of their own.they bring gifts,pictures,letters,flowers,poems and cigarettes.the letters speak of grief and loneliness and regret.they ask forgiveness.they are an out pouring of pain.the people softly touch names on my face.they water my grass with tears.then they leave in silence and I hope in peace.for I am more than two stone walls.I am a thank you from a nation that forgot.I am a long past due apology.I am healing for wounds too long left untended.I am a tribute paid to fallen warriors.I AM THE VIETNAM WALL. "America has forgotten the wars.will she remember her warriors"? you may be gone , BUT YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN.
Sunday, October 10, 2004

Grateful American
American Hero
Thank you SSGT Lockwood for your service to country and ultimate sacrifice. Rest well brave airman and rest assured that you Sir, are not forgotten.
Saturday, May 20, 2006

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