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Lawrence  Englert
Rest in peace brave Soldier. You are not forgotten.
Jan 27, 2012

Gillian  Schriever
West Creek NJ 08092 USA
Dear Leon David Moore, As an American citizen, I truly cannot thank you enough for what you have done for our country. America needs people like you –heroes. In fact, it is the very people like you who keep America free and proud. You will not be forgotten by us! You were not forced to join the army, yet you joined anyway. You served as a soldier willingly an act of bravery not everyone would do. It takes a true hero to fight in a war, to risk their lives for their country. And for that, God bless you, and all the other men and women who fought in the war. Once again, I thank you for making the ultamite sacrifice for our country. You really made a difference to the people you fought for. Rest in peace, brave soldier, for you will forever be remebered by your fellow Americans.
Feb 1, 2011

Manuel Pino Bco 2/8th 1st Cav 68-69

E/50th Inf Rgt, 9th Inf Div
Jul 7, 2007

Manuel Pino Jr
Fellow Vietnam Vet
MY COUNTRY'S FLAG CRIED the flag bowed it's bars and wept starry tears as it hung at half-mast for a soldier's years. another youth it had called and another youth had died. I stood and i watched as my country's flag cried. it clothed the drab coffin in it's red, white, and blue, silently protecting the contents for the comfort of a few. it brought strength to some, to others, bitter pride. but as mourners filed by, my country's flag cried. as it rode to the field where the soldier was laid away, the flag recalled the pledge that he used to stand and say, but to war he went and to keep that pledge, he tried. as the guns fired their last salute, my country's flag cried. as taps rang out, it was folded with care, for the soldier's soul a chaplin whispered a prayer. he asked god for peace in this world to abide, and in a grieving mother's arms my country's flag cried!
Saturday, June 11, 2005

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