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Roy  Spencer
Vietnam Veteran-Air Force Pilot
Jolly Green Giant Heroes
On January 28, 1970 an F105F was shot down. Both crewmen ejected successfully. A Jolly Green (Jolly 71) rescue helicopter was immediately dispatched to pick up the two downed airmen. When the aircraft was about 50 miles northwest of the location of the F105 crash site, it was hit by a MIG and exploded. The helicopter was flown by pilot Major Holly G. Bell, and carried crewmen Capt. Leonard C. Leeser, SMSgt. William D. Pruett SSgt. William C. Shinn MSgt. William C. Sutton and passenger Sgt. Gregory L. Anderson. A short beeper signal was heard from the helicopter, indicating that at least one person aboard may have exited the aircraft, however all six aboard were listed as Killed/Body Not Recovered.
Jan 28, 2013

Peter  Corbett
The Last Measure of a man.
I'm a Vietnam Veteran, USAF, 460 Recon Tech Sq. Tan Son Nhut AB, July 68-69. On one of my visits to the Wall years ago I bought a bracelet & his name is on it. When ever i get to the D C area I will leave it at the Wall. Rest in peace, my Air Force brother, Rest in Peace.
Jun 13, 2012

Jo  Beth
I am sending this to all American soldiers who fought in Vietnam that lost their lives on January 28, 1970... my date of birth. When I was a little girl, I had always thought I was reincarnated from an American soldier who lost their life during a battle in Vietnam. I haven't thought about this in many years until most recently during the 10th anniversary of 9-11. Regardless of whether there is such a thing as reincarnation, I do hope the life I lead of providing supports to and advocating for people with disabilities makes a dent in showing appreciation for your ultimate sacrifice. Senior Master Sergeant Pruett, there are no adequate words to thank you for the opportunity you have given me, my son, family, and all Americans. I hope I don't let you down. My sincerest gratitude. Jo
Sep 17, 2011

Malcolm   Kirby
USAF Veteran
Rest in Peace, my Brother
You will not be forgotten...
Jan 28, 2008

Manuel Pino Bco 2/8th 1st Cav 68-69

7th Air Force/ 3rd ARRG/40th ARRS
Jul 7, 2007

Bill Gallenstein
USAF Veteran
Zephyrhills FL 33541 USA
A very proud cold war USAF veteran remembers you on this day. My God bless you and your family always. I salute you, Thank you

Mar 30, 2007

Manuel Pino Jr
Fellow Vietnam Vet
REFLECTIONS FROM THE MOVING WALL". I am a monument to a black period in this countries history.I am the Vietnam wall.,composed to two angled granite walls,inscribed with the names of fifty eight thousand,one hundred thirty four American men and women who died in hell (that was Vietnam) Many people come to see me. strangely they come mostly in silence-old people,young people,children,mothers,fathers,widows,and veterans.all for reasons of their own.they bring gifts,pictures,letters,flowers,poems and cigarettes.the letters speak of grief and loneliness and regret.they ask forgiveness.they are an out pouring of pain.the people softly touch names on my face.they water my grass with tears.then they leave in silence and I hope in peace.for I am more than two stone walls.I am a thank you from a nation that forgot.I am a long past due apology.I am healing for wounds too long left untended.I am a tribute paid to fallen warriors.I AM THE VIETNAM WALL. "America has forgotten the wars.will she remember her warriors"? You may be gone , BUT YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN.
Monday, June 13, 2005

Samantha Cicirello
Mr. Anderson's History Student
Sam Houston High School, 2000 Sam Houston Dr.
Arlington, TX 76014 US
My Adopted MIA
SMS William D.Pruett, My name is Samantha Cicirello. I am a 2002 Junior at Sam Houston High School in Arlington, Tx. As a part of a class assignment on Vietnam MIA's, I learned your story and shared it with my classmates. I learned of your sacrifice and I will always remember you. I appreciate your bravity and dedication to the people in the United States. I learned that not only were you sent to heaven trying to save the U.S., you were trying to save your own men in battle. Thank you for your kindness and you will never be forgotten!
Thursday, May 02, 2002

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