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stephen  caldwell
On the helicopter that crashed
1633 mt. ash way New Port Richey Fl 34655 usa
That Others May Live
We live the creed we die the creed...It was honor to serve under you Rocky because you kept trying to fly that hunk of steel gave time for me and Karl to get out you literally saved our lives Rest easy my friend bumen
Apr 20, 2015

Roy  Spencer
Vietnam Veteran-Air Force Pilot
Lest We Forget Their Sacrifice
On 14 June 1973, the helicopter was returning from a mission to their home base at Nakhon Phanom, RTAFB, Thailand. The flight crew consisted of the pilot Capt. Gilbert A. Rovito, co-pilot 1Lt Meador, MSgt David Vance McLeod, Jr. and two pararescuemen, Stephen L. Caldwell and Karl C. Morgan. The helicopter was in a refueling formation with a USAF C-130 Refuel aircraft over Tonle Sap, a large lake in Northwestern, Cambodia. Shortly after disconnecting from the refueling hose, the helicopter began to pitch violently, apparently losing or damaging a tail rotor. The aircraft crashed into the lake below. The two pararescuemen were either thrown from the back or the helicopter or jumped, both wearing parachutes and surviving the ordeal. Most of the aircraft was later recovered, as well as the bodies of Capt. Rovito and 1Lt Meador. The body of MSgt McLeod was never recovered.
Jun 14, 2014

albert  metcalf
stationed together at NKP
1202 arroyo pky Ormond Beach FL 32174 USA

I was a sgt at NKP 72-73 working in job control,which was out side of my afsc.Part of my duties was to do a maintenance debrief with the pilots after the sortie.That's how I met Rocky.After a few debriefs I got to know him better and realized what a great guy he was.Our debriefs were strictly business with a little bit of his humor mixed in.He never tried to pull rank on me,we had a mutual respect for each other,and boy that meant a lot to me.As far as a pilot he was one of the best.Even after the tail rotor had separated,after the initial pitch up,Rock continued to fly the helicopter and tried to get in under control. Rocky,I'm so glad to have known you.You will never be forgotten.
May 30, 2013

pam  snyder wooke
friend from HS
Little Egg Harbor NJ
40 years not forgotten
A dear friend
Jan 26, 2013

Garnet  Jenkins
Grand Junction Co
~ In Humble Gratitude, For Your Sacrifice ~

In Remembrance of your Service and with a Multitude of Thanks for your Courage and Dedication to our Country and for Freedom. Rest well, Capt Gilbert Allan Rovito and know that you will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN. I am the sister of Sgt. David Dickinson, who also made the Supreme Sacrifice in Vietnam in 1967..... ~TREASURE THIS HERO LORD, IN YOUR GARDEN OF REST, FOR WHILE HERE ON EARTH, HE WAS ONE OF OUR BEST~
Jan 10, 2011

Fred 'Satch'  Grill
Crew Chief - 40th ARRS NKP '72 -'73
Gone, But Will Never Be Forgotten
Rocky, You were one of our best.I have a picture of us together after a mission in October '72 in the family room and I think of and pray for you everyday. We always try to remember the best and forget the worst of what happened over there, but the day you were brought back from Cambodia was my worst,but you'll never be forgotten,my friend. You'll always be a HERO to me.
Jun 29, 2010

Paul  Hall
Aircrarft Mechanie 72/73
124 Knights Court Scott Depot WV 25560 USA
I was a mechanic and we call him Rocky. I left Thailand the week after the crash. He was a great guy.
Feb 21, 2010

Malcolm   Kirby
USAF Veteran - 191st photo recon.
Rest in Peace, my Brother
You will not be forgotten...
Jun 14, 2008

Roy Spencer
Vietnam Veteran-Air Force Pilot
Helicopter Hero
Captain Rovito was a pilot on an HH53C helicopter
that crashed in northwestern Cambodia on June 14, 1973. The aircraft went down after an aerial refueling
over Tonle Sap, a large lake forming the southern border of Siemreab Province. Just north of the lake are the ruins of famed Angkor Wat. According to pararescuemen who were onboard and survived the crash, the helicopter pitched up after the refueling and became uncontrollable.

Jun 14, 2007

manny   g
Fellow Veteran 69-70 An Khe
Union Gap, WA. 98903
“You are Remembered”
Peace and condolence, to the family and friends. "He which hath no stomach to this fight let him depart. But we in it shall be remembered. We few, we happy few, we band of brothers!! For he today, that sheds his blood with me, shall always be my brother.” Rest in peace brave soldier, you have not been forgotten. (W.Shakespeare) May God Bless You for your Sacrifice!!!

Jun 14, 2007

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