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John  O'Donnell
To THANK this Man for his sacrifice seems so little as he freely gave of himself. So that other's might live in PEACE and Freedom. That saying of FREEDOM not being Free that it COST is True as this MARINE and all the other people listed on this wall can attested to it! SEMPER FI MY BROTHER YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN!
Feb 18, 2014

Viet Nam Marine Vet  3/26 Marines 68-69
Remembering a Warrior from 3rd Bat. 26 Marines.
Feb 18, 2013

Whiskey  Mike 3/26
Tom was with 3rd Batt. 26th Marines. He was KIA on operation Taylor Common. He is remembered.
Mar 9, 2010

Garnet  Jenkins
Grand Junction Co
~ In Tribute To A Fallen Hero ~

A Multitude of Thanks for your Courage, Service and Dedication to our Country and for Freedom. Rest well Cpl Thomas Michael Skally and know that you will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN. My brother, Sgt. David Dickinson is a young hero, who also made the Supreme Sacrifice in Vietnam in 1967....."FROM THESE HONORED DEAD, WE TAKE INCREASED DEVOTION, TO THAT CAUSE FROM WHICH THEY HERE GAVE THE LAST FULL MEASURE OF DEVOTION, THAT WE HERE HIGHLY RESOLVE, THESE DEAD SHALL NOT HAVE DIED IN VAIN".....~Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg Address~
Apr 27, 2008

Dan  Dimmick
friend of a friend
25262 Conrad Ct. Damascus MD 20872 USA
Joe Hancock
His Corpsman
2/27/69 Cpl.Paul Anthony Cumberland had just gotten off a helicopter from returning from R&R. He found out that his good friend Tom Skally had been killed while he was away. We were gearing up for a patrol on a ridgeline and Paul insisted on going on the patrol. We tried to talk him out of it. The patrol came under fire from a small tree line and Paul was killed instantly. I got to him fairly quickly, but there was nothing I could do. He was respected by all of his fellow Marines and a privilege to have known.
Sunday, September 22,2002 (I thought your family would want to know this, Dan)
Mar 4, 2008

manny   g
Fellow Veteran 69-70 An Khe
Union Gap, WA. 98903
“You are Remembered”
Peace and condolence, to the family and friends. "He which hath no stomach to this fight let him depart. But we in it shall be remembered. We few, we happy few, we band of brothers!! For he today, that sheds his blood with me, shall always be my brother”. Rest in peace brave soldier, you have not been forgotten. (W.Shakespeare) May God Bless You for your Sacrifice!!!

Feb 18, 2008

Jennifer Burns

Though you are gone you will never be forgotten! You and men
like you, are the reason we are free today! I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the sacrifices that you made! I hold you and those like you in the highest regard and you deserve nothing less! I love you all, you were and always will be HEROES to me! I promise never to take for granted the freedoms I have, which you paid the ultimate price for! Happy Birthday!

Gratefully yours,Jenn

Apr 27, 2007

John Skally
21252 Tyee St.
Castro Valley, Ca 94546 USA
Cpl. Thomas Skally
My brother, Tom, was stationed south of DaNang, 3rd Battalion 1st Marines originally in Sept. 1967. I met him at Battalion area when I was there for medical treatment. We went to his CO and got him transferred to Hawaii. I rotated back to the States in Sept. '67. Tom was then sent back to Viet Nam in Nov.'68. He was KIA Feb. 18, 1969. I would like to hear from any fellow Marines who served with my brother, especially in Viet-Nam. E-mail me at: Thanks, and Semper Fi John Skally, Cpl. USMC
Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Corporal J.T. Bryan - - U. S. Marines - -
Fellow Missouri Marine Corporal
Cpl Skally May you rest in God's loving arms forever. Thank you for serving our great country & allowing us to breathe freely. May the good Lord be with your family & friends as they think of you often. You were the best-of-the-best. Semper Fidelis Corporal Bryan, Headquarters, 3dMarDiv - Plt. 3122.
Tuesday, October 04, 2005

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