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Thomas  Ionescu
fellow Viet Nam Veteran
1507 New Jersey Av. Lynn Haven Fl. 32444 U. S.
Allgood was a freind I met on the 'Green Line' guard duty in D co 158 Avn 101 Blt. We had meny good nights and a few bad ones. We talk into the night about home,cars, dreams etc. Once in a while we would sneak into the enginers mess hall to see a movie. We always had lots of laughs then I got sent to the hanger for my duty and Allgood soon after was sent to a med vac as a door gunner. His chopper landed near me and he stoped in to visit us. He was in his flight uniform and he looked very cool.Then one day my tec surgent asked me if I rembered a guy named Allgood and he told me his chopper was shot down and Allgood didn't make it. I do miss him, after Nam I was living in Phily and every time I went to DC I would visit him on The Wall a very sad time for me. I will always remember him and miss him. Peace brother, Tom
Nov 17, 2011

Bill  Gallenstein
Zephyrhills FL
A very proud cold war USAF veteran remembers you on this day. My God bless you and your family always. I salute you, Thank you
Oct 2, 2007

Manuel Pino Bco 2/8th 1st Cav 68-69
Fellow Vietnam Army Vet
101 ABN

Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of earth and danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings, Sunward I've climbed, and joined the tumbling mirth of sun-split clouds and done a hundred things. You have not dreamed of wheeled and soared and swung, high in the sunlit silence, hov'ring there, I've chased the shouting wind along, and flung my eager craft through footless halls of air. Up, up the long delirious, burning blue I've topped the windswept heights with easy grace, where never lark, or even eagle flew, and, while with silent, lifting mind I've trod the high untrespassed sanctity of space, put out my hand and touched the face of God. By John G. Magee, Jr.

Nov 4, 2006

Brent Deveraux
Friend & Schoolmate
5242, S., Cobble Creek Rd., 11-K, Salt Lake City, UT., 84117, USA
I shared, many good times with Kevin, or as Jerry mentioned, Beans. He had, a great motorcycle and we cruised, Pleasant Grove, for girls many times. He seemed, to know them all. It was difficult, to see someone, so young and the same age as I was, lose his life. I hope, we eventually appreciate, what these soldiers, did, for us. The thing, I remember about Kevin is, that we both drew plans, for our future homes in architecture class, in high school, but never got, to fulfill those dreams, we had. So young, such a waste.
Tuesday, October 05, 1999

Jerry Greening
Tooele, UT.,
Kevin was, a very good friend, of mine. In fact, he was a good friend to everyone, who knew him. We grew up together, from Cub Scouts, to Boy Scouts, to scouting for girls. Everyone, who knew him, called him "Beans." After High School, I went in the Navy, he went, in the Army and I never saw him, again. I Love Ya, Man.
Friday, August 27, 1999

Jim Sorenson
1900, E., Ocean Bl., Long Beach, ca., 90802, USA
Ricky Allgood, Memorial Page
I knew Ricky, in American Fork, since about the 5th, grade. I was, three, years older, than Ricky. (we always knew called him Ricky) I joined, in 65 and came back, from Vietnam in June, 69. I'm proud, Ricky Allgood, was my Friend.
Saturday, June 19, 1999

Jim Helmick
fellow vet.
Seattle, Wa., 98146, USA
For you, your family & friends. we didn't, forget about you. Rev: 21, 3&4
Monday, October 02, 2000

John Crookston
Friend, nieghbor, and school mate
South Jordan, UT USA
Jerry, Kevin (Beans)and I were all neighbors and school mates, as Brent mentioned. I visited Kevin at the Wall while I was in Washington DC. I will always remember Kevin and what a good kid he was. Kevin always had a smile and a hello for everyone. I will never forget the day that I heard he had died, I was in basic training. are missed. your friend, John Crookston
Tuesday, July 31, 2001

Armond "Si" Simmons
A fellow, DUSTOFF crewman
104, Wadsworth Lane, Pell City, AL., 35128, USA
DUSTOFF, Vietnam Memorial
On behalf of fellow DUSTOFFers, please accept my condolences to the family of our comrade, Ronald Allgood. I invite family and friends to visit the official webpage of The DUSTOFF Association, a nonprofit organization for Army Medical Department enlisted and officer personnel, aviation crewmembers, and others who are (or ever were) engaged in (or actively supported in any capacity) Army aeromedical evacuation programs in war or peace. Many loved ones of our fallen comrades have found solace in visiting the site, found friends who served with their loved one and enjoyed having their family become a part of their loved one's DUSTOFF family, a relationship that we fellow DUSTOFFers cherish and respect. All the best - Si Simmons - -The DUSTOFF Association webpage: - - My DUSTOFF wepage: -
Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Jim Robertson
Windsor, CO., 80550, United States
You, are not forgotten!
Friday, May 24, 2002

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