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Danny  Dzurik
High School and Air Force Veteran
24285 NE 140th Avenue Orange Springs FL 32182
Eddie, thank you for your patriotism and call to duty that you answered. Our world is so different today and I thank you for your sacrifice. I believe you died while ending your tour and was on a helicopter to freedom. I am deeply sorry that this happened this way, regardless...thank you for your service, you were the best drum major Harding ever had or ever will...I love you my brother and always will and will see you again on the other side...Gods richest blessings to you...Danny
Jul 4, 2014

This man has given of himself everything he could so that his brother marines and the people back home could live a more peaceful life. This gift of his life show the greatness of this HERO. HERO'S don't wear cape's or mask's no! they wear MARINE GREEN. As each day passes by we must take time to remember what this HERO gave up so that we could live in a FREE Society. THANK YOU ! SEMPER FI! You are not forgotten
Feb 28, 2014

Robert  Lopez
Fellow Marine & Vietnam Veteran
Petersburg Alaska
Saepe Expertus, Semper Fidelis, Fratres Aeterni...
Often Tested, Always Faithful, Brothers Forever...
Apr 23, 2010

Mick  Regan
usmc vietnam vet lima 3/26 68-69
Feb 28, 2009

Jennifer Burns
Though, you are gone, you will, never be forgotten! You and men like you, are the reason, we are free, today! I just wanted, to say THANK YOU, for the sacrifices, that you made! I hold you and those like you, in the highest regard and you deserve, nothing less! I love you, all, you were and always, will be HEROES, to me! I promise never, to take for granted, the freedoms I have, which you paid, the ultimate price, for! Happy Birthday! I, WILL REMEMBER YOU!!! Gratefully yours, Jenn.
Apr 23, 2007

manny g
Fellow Veteran 69-70 An Khe
Union Gap, WA. 98903
“You are Remembered”
Peace and condolence, to the family and friends. “He which hath no stomach, to this fight, let him depart. But we in it, shall be remembered. We few, we happy few, we band of brothers!! For he today, that sheds his blood with me, shall always be my brother.” Rest in peace brave soldier, you have not been forgotten. (W.Shakespeare) May God Bless you, for your Sacrifice!!!
Feb 28, 2007

Vietnam Veteran
Fellow Marine
Semper Fi, fallen hero. Thank you, for making the ultimate sacrifice, for Corp and Country. You were so close, to rotating back, to the world. May God bless you and your family.
Monday, February 28, 2005

Corporal, J.T. Bryan - - U.S., Marine Corps - -
- Fellow, Marine Corporal -
Cpl., Caldwell, May you rest, in God's loving arms, forever. Thank you, for serving, our great country & allowing us, to breathe freely. May the good Lord, be with your family & friends, as they think of you, often. Semper Fidelis, Corporal, Bryan, Headquarters, 3rd, Marine Divison, Fleet, Marine Force, of the Pacific.
Sunday, April 23, 2006

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