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Terry  Catucci
Thank you for giving your life in service to your country. We didn't know each other well, but I will never forget you.
May 26, 2014

John  O'Donnell
Marine VET
Honoring This MARINE
This man has given of himself so that his brother marine's and the people back home could go on. this Gift of his life shows the GREATNESS of this HERO. For each day as it goes by we must take the time to REMEMBER what he gave. Thank you! You are not forgotten nor will you be SEMPER FI! Thank you. Attention on DECK! HAND SALUTE
Feb 27, 2014

viet nam  vet
To you sir A proud nation owe's you a debt that it never can repay your courage and devotion to duty. Was and still is the single bravest thing a MAN can give. MARINE STAND TALL for you are a FINE example of what a MARINE is SEMPER FI
Feb 18, 2014

Marine Viet Nam Vet  68-69// 3rd Bat. 26 Marines
Remembering a Warrior, 3/26 Marines
Feb 27, 2013

james  kaczmarski
derby ny
Paul,its been 44 years since we were in boot camp together.God protect you brave marine.Fellow marine from boot camp platoon #308.Semper Fi brother.
Jul 19, 2012

P.J.  Painter
12509 Shetland Lane Bowie MD 20715
You are remembered with affection ... You are honored.
May 23, 2012

Robert  Lopez
Fellow Marine & Vietnam Veteran
Petersburg Alaska
Saepe Expertus, Semper Fidelis, Fratres Aeterni...
Often Tested, Always Faithful, Brothers Forever...
Mar 25, 2010

Mick  Regan
usmc vietnam vet lima 3/26 68-69
Feb 27, 2009

Dan  Dimmick
25262 Conrad Ct. Damascus MD 20872 USA
I knew Paul in High School. My brothers and I went to grade school and H.S. with him. I was about 2yrs younger and played basketball with him on a public play ground, sometimes games got rough and he always defused the situation and looked out for the younger guy, "me". He was so is not often you come across such a person. I knew back then he was unique. He had an energy about him and cared deeply for people. I remembered sitting in class at St.Anthony's H.S. and it was announced over the P.A. that he was killed in Viet Nam. It hit hard. Someone hung a hand written sign in our school hallway that said"" Lives like Paul Cumberland's don't end, They go on""" I truly believe this.
Mar 3, 2008

nancygrace  cumberland
His Sister
1921, kalorama rd., nw., wash., dc., 20009, USA
Such, a silly big, brother and still, so very missed
My brother Paul, had a ferociously, optimistic and generous spirit. And funny.. geez, he was, so funny! He truly always, made us smile.. His loss remains, deeply felt..
Nov 6, 2007

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