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John  O'Donnell
Marine Vet
To Honor this MARINE
Honor What a word to this man and the others like him Honor was a way of life. He didn't just say it he showed it with his every action. For this alone I HONOR his Memory Today and will Honor him forever SEMPER FI MARINE! Thank you for all I have!
Feb 25, 2014

Marine Viet Nam Vet  3/26 Marines, 68-69
Remembering A Warrior from 3rd Bat. 26 Marines.
Feb 25, 2013

Denise  Mehall
Neice he never knew
PO Box 343 Vandalia OH 45377 USA
The Uncle I never knew who sacrificed his life for our country
Hi Uncle Buck, This is your neice, Denise. My mom, Lois was your sister and a fellow marine. And your mom is my grandma. She is still alive and well and awnry and witty at the age of 84. She does so well. You probably already know...but Lois is now in heaven with you. She died on June 4, 2012 from heart attack. I know your death saddened her for years and there were so many stories of you guys as kids. And Grandma always has such good stories. I wanted you to know that my son, Jordan is now a Marine also. It must have been in that Miller blood. Jordan was just promoted to Cpl and he is stationed at Camp Geiger. Me and my sister were also fathered by a Marine named Bud Harper and he fought in Vietnam also but him and my mom married and parted shortly after that and my mom remarried a wonderful Dad that raised us. I'm proud of all my Marine genes. I have met Bud and know how hard it was for you guys over there in Vietnam. You all were young men and saw too much. My mom has some letters from Alicia and Mickey Regan that we have found. He loved you so much and had your name tattooed on hiself. Grandma would love to hear from them. I hope they read this and can contact me and I can give them your mama's phone number. I love you Uncle Buck. Saw some of my mom's letters she wrote from boot camp and she found out you were trying to drop out of high school and she said she was going to personally beat your butt when she got out of boot camp but I think you must have already joined the Corp. I hope she didn't beat your butt in heaven. I love your uniformed were so handsome. Love your neice, Denise.
Jun 7, 2012

Semper  Fi
Semper Fi, Marine.
Feb 25, 2011

Alicia  Hardy
396 Mountain Ave revere ma 02151
Thank You
Thank you for your sacrifice .... you are not forgotten ....
Nov 11, 2009

Alicia  Tammaro
396 mountain ave revere MA 02151 United States
Thank You
Thank you Clarence, Today is your day, along with everyone else who fought and gave their life..I wish it didn't have to be like this.... You are thought of often and will never be in peace my friend.
May 25, 2009

Frank  Cugliata
Medford MA
Might be heading down to DC on Memorial Day, hope to see you and the rest of the Devil Dogs, SEMPER FI
Apr 28, 2009

Mick  Regan
usmc vietnam vet lima 3/26 68-69
40 years have come and gone since that night and it still haunts me today. Rest in peace, we will meet again. Mick
Feb 25, 2009

Frank  Cugliata
SEMPER fIDELIS, you and everyone else that have made the ultimate sacrifice will NEVER be forgotten
Nov 6, 2008

Frank  Cugliata
Just checking in again to pay respects, SEMPER FI
Sep 30, 2008

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