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harold  mcmahon
the u.s. government lied about the whole vietnam war so my buddy rambos sacrifice was not honored , you cant honor a lie and rambo my dear brother would turn over in his grave to find out thousands were left behind in the vietnam war. brother i just hope you are at peace because our last conversations will live wit hme forever.
Mar 13, 2014

Thomas  Faunce
Wass one of the last to see him
17000 Moores Landing Lachine Mi 49753 USA
Brother in Arms
I believe I was one of the Last to see John that fiery night. I was with the first platoon 919th Blackhorse I and two others from my outfit had volunteered to go as mine sweepers for the 3rd Squadron. I only met John briefly, just shortly a few hours before we were hit. I talked with him and I remember what an outgoing friendly guy he was. He was preparing to bed up in the 155 and I and Johnson crawled under it to sleep on the ground. I believe we were the first ones hit. When I awoke everything was in flames. I was able to find a crater hole and was able to take cover in that along with some other troops. All this time all hell was breaking loose. That morning I helped Evac John and others to the med chopper. I remember it all as if it was yesterday. He will always be a part of my life, though I knew him briefly, he was my Brother in Arms.
Feb 19, 2014

Jack  Herman
Chorus member and student
Art Rambo is the man, third up and to the right in the attached photo. I met Art and his future wife, Helen who is also in the picture, at Carroll College in Helena MT. We were students at the college and sang in the “Carrolleers Chorus” of Carroll College. The Chorus consisted of 45 men and women students of Carroll College who practiced singing daily and then toured the six western States of the US, providing two concerts per day for just over a week. We traveled over 2500 miles in a bus doing so. The Chorus was a fantastic group led and directed by Fr. Sam Beausoleil who passed Nov 15, 1994. In the past, and to this day, I’ve never heard a finer first tenor sing like Art. Not only was Art the greatest first tenor of the group, Art was also the best soloist we had the privilege of hearing and singing with. Art was open to all of the Carrolleers during the training and touring. Yes, it was long ago in the late ‘60’s, however Art will always be a considered a friend who shall never be forgotten
Feb 6, 2013

Silver Star  Citation
Silver Star Awarded posthumously for actions during the Vietnam War The President of the United States of America, authorized by Act of Congress July 9, 1918 (amended by an act of July 25, 1963), takes pride in presenting the Silver Star (Posthumously) to Sergeant Arthur John Rambo, United States Army, for gallantry in action while engaged in military operations involving conflict with an armed hostile force on 26 November 1969 while serving as an artilleryman with the Howitzer Battery, 3rd Squadron, 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment, in the Republic of Vietnam. On this date he was located at the squadron command post when it suddenly came under an intense mortar and ground attack from a North Vietnamese Army force. In the initial moments of the firefight, a rocket propelled grenade slammed into a cargo vehicle next to him, and the vehicle erupted n explosions and fire. Sergeant Rambo immediately began alerting the personnel in the area and directing them away from the area. He then crawled to the fiercely burning vehicle and attempted to drive it out of the area. Suddenly another grenade hit the vehicle and he was thrown to the ground. Undaunted, he crawled to a self-propelled howitzer and started the engine. As he began driving out of the area, the vehicle was hit by yet another rocket propelled grenade and he was fatally injured in the ensuing fire and explosions. Sergeant Rambo's heroic actions were in keeping with the highest traditions of the military service and reflect great credit upon himself, his unit and the United States Army. General Orders: Headquarters, II Field Force Vietnam, General Orders No. 4896 (December 23, 1969) Action Date: November 26, 1969 Service: Army Rank: Sergeant
Nov 26, 2012

Brian  McMahon
College Roommate
1107 N. 1st Street Stillwater Minnesota 55082 United States
Still Remembered
I am planning a trip to Washington, DC and will bring my family by the wall. I will remember the good times with Art at Notre Dame, where we were roommates, and pay respect to his memory. It is very sad that he could not have lived to enjoy his grandchildren.
May 15, 2012

Lawrence  Hoover
Fellow Trooper
126 Palmetto Circle NE Port Charlotte FL 33952 US
Honored to have served in the same unit.
I followed Arthur John Rambo's footsteps about a year later having been drafted in 1969, attending NCO school at Ft Sill, Oklahoma and being deployed to Vietnam in 1970. I also served in How Btry 3rd Squadron of the 11th Armored Calvery on the 155 howitzers. I juat want to say that I am sincerely proud to have served in the same unit as this American Hero. Thank you for all you did so that we could live free and thank you to your family for the extreme sacrifice they also made.
Dec 25, 2010

Brian  Wright
8309G North 107th Street Milwaukee WI 53224 USA
Hollywood made a series of movies in reference to your name. They are called First Blood and 3 other movies simply called Rambo 2, 3, and then just plain Rambo. They are based on the life and fighting of a Viet Nam Veteran named John J Rambo, who is a Special Forces Green Beret. Upon looking up Rambo, I came acroos the information that its title was indeed in reference to your name. My dad, who passed away January 1, 2010, was a ratired US Army veteran and did 2 or 3 tour terms in Viet Nam. I have a very special place in my heart for every single person who has given their life for their country and our freedom. I just know that you fsmily is very proud of you, and I know that therre's no greater love given than a person dying for his friend(s). This could very well also mean country, and I know there is a special Heaven prepared for great, brave people lke you, and one day you will be reunited with your loved ones. Thank you so very much for giving your life to protect us and also so we wouldn't have to! Thank you, Arthur J. Rambo!! Sincerely, Brian
Dec 6, 2010

Charlotte  Sweet-Helvie
God child
Huntington Indiana
Remembered in Indiana
The Traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall is in our town this week-end. I stopped to find Artie's name. There is was, panel 16W, line 126. I wasn't prepared for the wave of emotion seeing his name on the gray marble stone. I touched my fingers to the stone. It was raining, but, my tears fell heavier than the rain. Artie was my God-Father. I never knew him well. He was gone when I was a child. Thank you, Artie, for your obedience to God and giving all for me. You are remembered always.
Sep 17, 2010

Jack  Herman
Fellow Carrolleer-Carroll College
PO Box 631 Roseville CA 95678 USA
Never To Be Forgotten - Always To Be Remembered

Art was likely the finest 1st Tenor of Carroll College's Carroleers. In 1966 we toured 6 western States (2500 miles) with two concerts daily. Art's voice was one we'll never forget. I have sent an email with his photograph. Thank you
Jul 4, 2010

Helder  Wancris
I'm an admirer
Rua Roberto Rossen, 31 Sao Paulo SP 02361010 Brazil
Não sei o quanto você sofreu, mas sei que de alguma forma Stallone viu em você inspiração para criar uma personagem tão facinante. Acredite, você sempre será lembrado por seus amigos e familiares, pois ao contrario do que o filme narra, você voltou pra casa.... Está nos nossos corações, que agora será sua eterna moradia. Thanks for give your life with example of love for your country Helder Wancris - Brazil
Feb 25, 2010

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